Season 05: The first round is over, the adventure begins!

In this fifth season of Mythical Beings, the 50 creatures are finally deployed across the land, ten for each continent. Is that all? No more mythologies? Of course not! The imagination of traditional cultures is inexhaustible, and each new season will see more and more creatures popping up everywhere. But half a hundred is already enough for the mythological crowd to consider more serious goals than a few scares here and a few disasters there. The fun is about to begin.

New Cards

Can you guess which creatures are hiding behind these details?

New Special Card

Final distribution of income

With this new card, the distribution of Ignis received from primary card sales and crafting commissions is fixed, and for the sake of clarity, here is the summary:

Final distribution of the ingame currency GEM

Also to clarify the accounts with regard to GEM: every 3.5 days 15,000 new coins are created and issued, which are distributed as follows:


Sometimes chance behaves strangely…

Fiat ramp


Shall we repopulate the world with mythical creatures?

And what about Battlegrounds?

This is Tarasca’s most ambitious project and we want to do it right. Although we already have a demo (without graphics) from the beginning of the year, we want the game experience to be very professional. That’s why we have spent a lot of our time in the last months looking for investors and expanding the company. The process has now been completed and we now have sufficient resources to develop the game and launch it to the public with guarantees. We estimate that the team of game developers will need a few months to present the result, so the big day is near!



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Mythical Beings

Mythical Beings is an NFT card collection game. Every card and creature is unique and has an ancient story. You can collect, buy, trade, and craft cards.