Season 05: The first round is over, the adventure begins!

Mythical Beings
5 min readOct 12, 2022

In this fifth season of Mythical Beings, the 50 creatures are finally deployed across the land, ten for each continent. Is that all? No more mythologies? Of course not! The imagination of traditional cultures is inexhaustible, and each new season will see more and more creatures popping up everywhere. But half a hundred is already enough for the mythological crowd to consider more serious goals than a few scares here and a few disasters there. The fun is about to begin.

New Cards

Can you guess which creatures are hiding behind these details?

The initial collection is rounded off with five new cards. As always, we will not reveal their identities in this release, to keep the excitement of them appearing in the random packs alive. We will, however, tell you their continents and scarcity levels:
There are 2 that come from Africa, and 1 each from Europe, Asia and America.
There are 3 common, 1 rare and 1 special.
We are very proud of Ana Santiso’s interpretations of these five myths. If until now you have fallen in love with the NFT collection for its beauty, with these new drawings you will not be disappointed.
And please remember to also read the stories on the cards, because we assure you that you will be surprised and delighted!

Warning: with these five new cards, three of them common, the number of common cards in the deck is increased to draw the three cards contained in each random pack. That means that the proportion of epic cards is decreasing again, and will continue to do so every time new creatures are spotted.

New Special Card

Both Ana and a large part of the Tarasca team are from Galicia, so we were excited to finish the first round of creatures with a Special Card from our culture. We have chosen Maruxaina, because she is a very lively creature (every year she appears in a village on the coast), and very representative of our way of being and thinking.
Like all Special Cards, Maruxaina has a max supply of 250, and like Marakihau and Sasquatch, Maruxaina distributes 2.5% of the income from Mythical Beings among its holders, every 3.5 days, in addition to 1000 GEM.

Final distribution of income

With this new card, the distribution of Ignis received from primary card sales and crafting commissions is fixed, and for the sake of clarity, here is the summary:

The company’s share is 22.5% and has to cover the development and maintenance costs of the collection.

Final distribution of the ingame currency GEM

Also to clarify the accounts with regard to GEM: every 3.5 days 15,000 new coins are created and issued, which are distributed as follows:

That is, 9 thousand GEM are distributed as prizes among users who claim the Jackpot in that cycle. The remaining 6 thousand are given out as dividends to the holders of the special cards, but although Marakihau, Sasquatch and Maruxaina give out a thousand GEM each, the greedy Grootslang manages to grab three times as many, and his dividends add up to 3000 coins each time.
Remember that this is the supply of GEMs (15,000 new coins issued weekly), but the demand remains to be explained. As we have announced before, the GEMs will be burned in the games developed with the cards, as a tribute. But in the meantime, we’re going to put GEM to a little use in the collection itself, in the new “Morphing” feature.


Sometimes chance behaves strangely…

Who hasn’t experienced getting the same epic card over and over again, but never getting the one card you’re missing to complete the set? Usually that’s solved by trading with other users, but there are times when random chance makes a particular card really hard to find. For those cases, by popular demand, we are developing a new feature that allows you to exchange a card for another card of the same scarcity level, by paying a small fee in GEM. This operation is also subject to chance, as the card you get back… could be the same card you gave away, and you would have missed out on the fee!
This function will come into operation during S05, not at the beginning.

Fiat ramp

Simplex by Nuvei is the leading fiat on-ramp infrastructure, supporting the widest range of currencies and payment options. Mythical Beings community can now easily buy $IGNIS directly within our dApp. This will allow a trusted and stable way to buy card packs for the users who want to use fiat, what is a main point to reach a wider audience.


Shall we repopulate the world with mythical creatures?

On the same day that S05 opens, we will publicly open the online shop, where users from all over the world will be able to buy all kinds of products related to Mythical Beings. Of course, the board game, available in two formats (Basic and Collector’s Edition) and four languages (English, Galician, German, Spanish), but also reproductions of Ana Santiso’s paintings, T-shirts, and many other things.

And what about Battlegrounds?

This is Tarasca’s most ambitious project and we want to do it right. Although we already have a demo (without graphics) from the beginning of the year, we want the game experience to be very professional. That’s why we have spent a lot of our time in the last months looking for investors and expanding the company. The process has now been completed and we now have sufficient resources to develop the game and launch it to the public with guarantees. We estimate that the team of game developers will need a few months to present the result, so the big day is near!



Mythical Beings

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