Season 04: Sasquatch makes an appearance

The fourth season of Mythical Beings is upon us. Let’s say goodbye to Marakihau, whose 250 specimens have already appeared and will henceforth roam only in the hands of collectors, and say hello to Sasquatch, the very famous Bigfoot from the lands of British Columbia. Over the next four months this elusive creature will be spotted with great frequency by mythological creature seekers, accompanied by three other new ancestral legends.

Mythical Beings
5 min readMay 31, 2022

New cards

Including Sasquatch, Season 04 includes four new cards. As always, we won’t reveal their identities or paint jobs, to keep the quest exciting. We will tell you, however, that there is one American, one Asian, one African and one European, and also that their scarcity levels are: 2 common, one rare and one Special (the Sasquatch). We hope you enjoy the handmade paintings by Ana Santiso, who has done a lot of research to reflect the traditional meaning and aesthetics of these mythologies, and also that you take the time to read and delve into the stories they tell and the cultures that brought them to life. There is much richness and beauty in them.

With these, 45 creatures have been revealed, out of the 50 that make up Tarasca’s initial commitment. Only five more to go! That means that in the next season we will complete our commitment, although of course the collection can continue to expand if you wish.

A word of warning: with these new additions, the number of common and rare cards is increasing, so the proportion of epics is decreasing. It will be harder and harder to find an epic card in the random three-card pack. Completing the set will always be cheap, compared to most NFT sets, but less and less…

New special card

What’s so special about Sasquatch? Well, besides the max supply of 250, as any other special card of the collection, let’s go over the properties of the other special cards:

  • Tarasca: distributes 10% of the revenue derived from card sales to its holders.
  • Grootslang: distributes every 3.5 days 12 GEM among its holders. Remember that GEM is the ingame currency of the future Battlegrounds game.
  • Marakihau: distributes 2.5% of the income from Mythical Beings to its holders every 3.5 days, plus 1000 GEM. In addition, it can be exchanged for a copy of the board game (Collector’s Edition), valued at €30.

Well, Sasquatch distributes the same proportion of revenue and GEM among its holders as Marakihau, but instead of being redeemable for a board game, it can be exchanged for a 50% discount code in the Mythical Beings shop.

Wait a minute. Shop? Which shop?

With Season 04 we are launching the Mythical Beings shop, where you can buy the board game, but also many other products related to the universe of the collection. Reproductions of Ana’s paintings, T-shirts, bags… and soon, the long awaited Creature Book.

This shop will serve to popularise the game also in its physical version. It will ship worldwide and accept all kinds of payment methods, including of course cryptocurrencies, but also credit cards, Paypal, etc.

In addition to the artwork itself, the design of all the other products has also been done by Ana, so we are very confident that you will like them as much as the collection.

And Battlegrounds?

The essence of the game is done: design and smart-contract. However, we have had to delay this project, which is essential for the future of Mythical Beings, because we don’t want to do it without quality guarantees, and we lack the resources to do it as well as we want. We need designers, game devs, UX, marketing… So far the Tarasca team has relied almost exclusively on the enthusiasm and creativity of its founders, without funding or hired staff. We’ve done our job, but for Battlegrounds we need to scale up to a professional level.

We’ve spent time looking for funding, and we think we’re on the verge of getting it. We can’t reveal the details, but we believe that in the coming weeks a good deal with a software company will be finalised and we will be able to take Mythical Beings to the next level. And the main goal will be to provide that smart-contract with all the necessary add-ons to make it one of the most interesting P2E games on the market.

Anything else for this season?

Well, yes. Agreements with Kally and another NFT marketing company remain in place, although implementation is behind schedule. We can expect them to be completed this season, although this will depend on the progress made by these platforms.

And there is one other thing. We are working to expand the blockchains and marketplaces for our creatures. This requires some technical adaptations that we are close to finalising. As soon as we do, Mythical Beings will be tradable on most NFT marketplaces, and will appear on the tracking and ranking sites. We believe this will provide a lot of visibility for our beings.



Mythical Beings

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