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Season 03 begins: The Rise of Marakihau

The third season of Mythical Beings begins. Long gone are the days when Tarasca ruled the world, and also the Groostlang is leaving these lands. These two special creatures, with only 250 in existence each, will no longer torment collectors and can only be spotted in the darkness of the Decentralized Exchange. Their place is now taken by Marakihau, a terrible sea creature from the Maori imagination that roams the seas to raid the ships of fishermen and merchants, seizing their treasure and feeding on their bodies. 250 of these creatures are known to roam the oceans, and can be spotted by adventurers who risk claiming the Jackpot during Season 03.

Detail of the Marakihau card

New Cards

Any idea what creatures are hiding?

Including the Marakihau, Season 03 adds four new Mythical Beings. We won’t reveal their names and backstories now, so as not to lose any excitement in the quest. Instead, we will say that there are two common cards, one rare card, and of course one special card. We hope you like the hand painted illustrations by Ana, and also that you will take the time to read the stories we have prepared about their meaning and the cultures that bring them to life!
With these, 41 creatures have now been revealed. Remember that the collection will be made up of at least 50 creatures, so there are only 9 to go. Of course, this is a minimum commitment, not a maximum. If the collection continues to please and new collectors join, we could continue this exciting adventure for a long time to come. The mythologies of the world’s peoples are infinitely rich and we will never tire of learning from them!
By the way: with each new season, new common cards are included in the smart-contract, which means that the probability of getting a rare or, especially, epic card decreases. Just saying…

New Special Card

And what is the Marakihau for? Tarasca periodically distributes 10% of the IGNIS from card sales, while Groostlang distributes 12 GEM per copy every 3.5 days . And both creatures will continue to do so for the entire lifecycle of the set. So what does Marakihau do? Well, it does both, and more! On the one hand, this creature gives out 2.5% of the IGNIS from card sales and crafting every 3.5 days to collectors who own one of these NFT, and also 1000 GEM.
In the long run, the 2.5% and the 1000 GEM will be distributed among the 250 copies of Marakihau. But the copies will be released gradually, 7 every 3.5 days. Therefore, in the first few cycles, the lucky owners of this card will get a much juicier prize.
In addition, there is another opportunity with each Marakihau, exclusive to this creature: whoever owns a copy can exchange it at any time for a board game (Collector’s Edition) and a signed Original Print of a creature (there are only 25 copies of each creature, and they include a NFT for future trade).

Mythical Beings all over the chains

In Season 02 our creatures set foot in Ethereum, via the sidechain Polygon. Thanks to this we reached the world’s leading NFT marketplace, OpenSea, and gave many more collectors access to the Mythical Beings universe.
In Season 03 we will set foot on Polkadot territory for the first time. This blockchain born for the interconnection of other blockchains is in full swing, with its first parachains just released and a lot of projects about to go live. Tarasca Ltd., the company behind Mythical Beings, has signed a partnership agreement with Polkally (rebranded to KALLY), a new NFT marketplace based on Polkadot that is about to open its doors. Thanks to this agreement, the two companies will collaborate, among other things, in making Mythical Beings cards available on their marketplace, facilitating access to DOT’s legion of fans around the world.
On the other hand, a second collaboration agreement with a well-known company of the ETH ecosystem will allow Tarasca Ltd. to market the random packs of cards directly on ETH/Polygon during this Season 03, as well as giving them a good advertising campaign and a space of their own in their curated marketplace.

Get ready to play

As you know, we are in private testing phase of our first P2E game with the cards. It is difficult to give dates for its launch, but we want to give you details about its mechanics. To do so, we will publish tomorrow two posts, one about the Battlegrounds game in general, and one about a particularly interesting addon called Elyxir.


The last full cycle of Season 02 ends on February 1st. However, we have added one more cycle, until Saturday 4th February, to finish giving out all the Grootslang. In that last cycle there will be 5 of these Special Cards available to be drawn, instead of the usual 7.
As soon as this last cycle is over, the wallet will enter maintenance phase, and no new card packs or crafting will be available for purchase until it reopens a day or two later. But of course you will be able to buy, sell and transfer your NFT directly on the Ardor blockchain (via NRS or and the Polygon blockchain (via OpenSea).

And what else?

Nothing else about Season 03. We hope you like it, that new collectors will join from ETH and DOT, and that the anticipation will continue until we can show you a public beta of the game.
In addition to this news about the season, we would like to explain why this last part of Season 02, and perhaps also Season 03, have been a bit quiet. The fact is that our project and our ideas are very big, but our team is small and sometimes we aspire to a lot and underestimate the limitations of our current scale. So we are putting a lot of effort into finding the best way to go to the next level, looking for funding and good professionals as UI devs for the game, 3D animations, etc. This requires many hours of work, but we believe it is the best way to ensure that Mythical Beings will get its deserved space within the NFT and P2E industry.

And finally we would like to thank our great community for all the support. You are the best!



Mythical Beings

Mythical Beings is an NFT card collection game. Every card and creature is unique and has an ancient story. You can collect, buy, trade, and craft cards.