Season 02, what will happen? Updates and roadmap

Mythical Beings Season 02 starts on October 1, with a long list of changes, updates and improvements that will be introduced during the season. In this article you’ll find all the information you need to know what’s in store for your favorite creatures, and to adapt your game strategy to these predictions.

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With Season 02, the Mythical Beings universe will evolve from its current NFT collection format to a Play To Earn game model. To this end, the mechanics of the jackpot will change, a new currency for exclusive in-game use will be created, and the first bits of gamification will unfold. This process will take some time and will be implemented during the season.


Two of the new cards

You know that the collection will end up consisting of 50 creatures, of which only 30 had been spotted at the beginning of the first season. In this second season, 7 new creatures will make their spectacular appearance. We won’t reveal their names or their place of origin here: you’ll surely prefer to be surprised when you find them in your card packs.

Nevertheless, we must talk about one of them: the Grootslang. And this voracious mixture of elephant and snake won’t be so easy to see. You’ll never find it in a deck of cards, because it squats in a cave in the Richtersveld National Park.


The 250 copies of the Tarasca card have already been distributed (well, a few even remained undistributed and will be used as rewards in the future). These cards will continue to receive 10% of the revenue from card sales throughout the life of the collection, but as of now can only be purchased on the secondary market among players.

Grootslang is the new special card. As with Tarasca, there will be only 250 copies, which will be distributed throughout the second season and raffled among the participants of the jackpot in each cycle. In each cycle, 7 copies of this card will be raffled.

This gem hoard will play an important role in the Mythical Beings Play To Earn model, as it will distribute GEM in the form of dividends to its owners, not only in this season, but forever.

Until the start of the alpha phase of the PlayToEarn game, the Grootslang will distribute 3k GEM each cycle. Thereafter the total amount distributed will rise proportionally to the distribution of GEM via the Jackpot, so that the supply of GEM continues to come from 33% Grootslang dividends, 66% Jackpot shares.


Screenshot of the new Inventory page

Since the beginning of the year, we’ve been working on a new design for the wallet that will make the collection easier to use and leave behind the old, a bit outdated look of Mythical Beings. The design is almost ready, but we still need to fix some bugs and it is possible that this update will not be ready by October 1, but a little later.


Screenshot of the new Jackpot page

Let’s remember how the jackpot worked in the first season: 29 cards had to be collected and returned to the contract. As a prize, 50% of the proceeds from ticket sales and craft fees were distributed among the winners, and two Tarasca cards were raffled.

In the second season, 35 cards must be collected, as there are 6 new cards (special cards do not count), and returned to the jackpot smart contract. In return, participants will receive:

-IGNIS: 60% of the proceeds from card sales and crafting fees, distributed among all participants in the jackpot cycle.

-Grootslang: 7 copies of this special card will be raffled among the participations.

-GEM: 25k of these coins will be distributed proportionally among participations each cycle.

Jackpot cycles will continue to last approximately 3.5 days, i.e. two cycles per week.

This changes (50% to 60% of proceeds, and 25k GEM distributed each cycle) will be implemented step by step.

The proportion of revenue earmarked for the Jackpot will be raised to 60% as soon as the Ethereum Bridge is available and the card pack prices are updated.

The GEM distribution in each cycle will be 9k GEM until the PlayToEarn game is available, at least in alpha mode, at which point it will be raised to the expected 25k.

5) GEM.

As part of the transition to the play-to-earn model, we will introduce GEM as the native currency in Myhtical Beings. This coin will be distributed exclusively among players. There are only two ways to get it: by participating in the jackpot in season two or by owning a Grootslang.

In the future GEM will be the currency of the expanding Mythical Beings game and will be the first step towards a new in-game economy. It will enable you to participate in mini-games that will be released soon and let you win larger prizes.


Although we had planned for the game to be in beta at the start of season two, this project has suffered from delays and its launch will be later. As soon as possible, but currently without a fixed date.

The game divides the world into a series of territories, each of which serves as a battlefield for players. In each territory, the last winner becomes the Landlord, who controls the territory but is forced to defend it against any rival who wants to attack it at any time.

Candidates must send a team of creatures to the Smart Contract, along with 1k GEM (which must be burned) and a tribute on IGNIS. Battles take place automatically in the Smart-Contract, calculating the combat power of each team and applying a random model. If the candidate wins, he gets back the tribute, becomes the Landlord and his team stays in the territory to defend it against new candidates. However, it will be difficult to win, since the Landlord will have a head start by defending his own territory and, if he wins, he will be able to keep the tribute paid by the candidate in IGNIS.

The game will also create a player leaderboard that counts activity in all territories and periodically rewards the most active and effective players.


The future of digital objects is cross-platform. Although our collection is based in Ardor and all its mechanisms are located in the IGNIS Childchain, it is called to inhabit any other blockchain that guarantees the properties of scarcity and convertibility of our cards.

This season we will enable a bridge to Ethereum, specifically to its Polygon layer 2, so that our cards can be bought and exchanged on this network, which will allow our users to use the main NFT markets to trade the cards, already collecting access to the most popular ranking sites. We hope to find our creatures soon on OpenSea and Binance, for example, and collecting data on tracking sites such as CoinMarketCap, nonfungible, dappradar, etc.


We considered several ways to burn the supply remaining in the smart contract. Although the most obvious option was to burn the cards used to claim the jackpot or produce rare or epic cards. But this technique would cause an undesirable imbalance in the relative scarcity of cards and even complete destruction of epic cards.

After the first cycles of season two, the smart contract will start to consume 1% of its balance every jackpot cycle, i.e. every 3.5 days. This 1% will be applied to each card individually, maintaining the relative scarcity of each creature.

Our medium-term model naturally assumes a collection in which all cards are in the hands of users and all cards in the contract have been sold.


Mythical Beings launched in June with a card pack price of about $10. Within a few weeks, an unexpected event, the delisting of IGNIS from a big exchange, caused a price drop of more than 80%, from which the price has not recovered to date. As a result, card packs nominated in IGNIS were devalued to about $2.

After three months, the price of IGNIS seems to have stabilized in the range of $0.02 to $0.03, and we have decided to adjust the price of the deck to this new range. For season 2, the price of the card game will be approximately $6, or 299 IGNIS. This price increase will not take place directly from the start, but after the first new features (e.g. burning) have been implemented.

We believe that this price update is justified by the new IGNIS price, in addition to the burning mechanics and the new markets provided by the bridge to Ethereum. Moreover, 60% of the 299 IGNIS will be distributed among the participants of the jackpot as of now.

It is very important for players to take this new price into account as it can be very relevant for trading strategies, especially for orders already placed on DEX. It is foreseeable that the cards on the market will become more expensive by a factor of 3, so many requests will become very profitable. So be sure to check your open orders and think about your strategies!


To compensate for the price increase, we will increase the jackpot with a decent amount of IGNIS, which will be distributed cycle by cycle during season 2. We have budgeted 60k IGNIS for this, which will be entered in batches of 15k IGNIS every two cycles.



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