HOW A REFERRAL SYSTEM WORKS IN THE BLOCKCHAIN. The first season of Mythical Creatures is about to begin. Only beta testers and a limited number of collectors who get an invite will have access to it. We are going to explain how this system is going to work.

Betatesters, you’ve earned it!

Participants in the Test Phase who have completed the collection and claimed the Jackpot, will have immediate access to Season 01, of course.

In addition, for each time you have completed the collection, that is, for each Tarasca Card you have won, you will have the right to invite 4 new users. Since there are a total of 250 Tarasca Cards, the total number of invitations available is 1000. These invitations work as “referrals”, since you will receive 10% of everything that the users you invite spend in card packs.

(NOTICE: there are 76 remaining TC in the Mythical Being’s balance, so we will have also 304 invitations that we are going to use directly).

How to invite new users

You can use your invitations as you wish. You can use them to invite your friends, which will probably be the first thing you do. But if you have accumulated several Tarasca Cards, you will surely have leftover invitations. Do not worry! There are several ways to connect with users who want to participate in the first season of Mythical Beings.

We’re funneling all invite requests to a channel on Discord. In it you will find people who ask you to invite them, and you will have to choose with whom to use your few invitations. Without a doubt, who do you think will buy more cards with!

But if you still cannot use them all, because you have accumulated many Tarasca Cards and you are not able to manage so many invitations, you still have one option: you can sell them. How is that? Well, because the invitation rights are assets that can be freely sold on the Ardor Asset Exchange (and also in our wallet). They are called REF and have Asset ID 15893499867718551186.

But how do I use those REFs?

Technically the thing works like this. You have a balance of, say, 4 REF, because you have a Tarasca Card.

If you want to invite a friend, the first thing you need to know is their Ardor address. That he doesn’t have? Well, he has to create one, registering for example in Then you fill in the simple form in the Referrals section of our wallet, with which you are going to return 1 REF with your friend’s address as an attached message.

Now you only have 3 REFs left, but you don’t have any more friends who want to participate in Season01. So you go into the #invitations channel on Discord, and check what requests there are. You select a person that you think is serious, you communicate directly with him/her to make sure that he/she has not yet been invited by anyone, and fill out the form of our wallet.

You still have 2 REF! So you decide to sell them on the market. Other users will have more friends interested in the collection, or more time to find people who request it on Discord, they will want more REF than they have (or maybe they don’t have any, because they did not participate in the Test Phase), and they will be willing to pay you a price, since they will earn 10% of what the invited person spends on cards. So you sell a REF at market price, and place a sell order for the remaining REF at a price that seems fair to you.

Enabling users for Season 01

You’re done, now it’s our turn. All Ardor addresses that we have received in messages attached to REF returns will be included in the Mythical Beings smart-contract, along with the addresses of the beta testers. These will be the only addresses that the smart-contract will admit for card pack sales.

If you are curious to know how this whitelist is technically implemented, you can watch it live on the Ardor blockchain. We use a very original feature of this platform, the Account Properties, to mark both the invited account (which will become enabled for the purchase of card packs) and the account of the person who has invited it (which will be linked to the first one to receive their 10%). The smart-contract reviews the Account Properties in each operation and carries out the corresponding operations.

In addition, we are going to implement the split of the payments of these users, so that for each purchase of cards of a invited user, the person who invited him/her will receive 10% in his Ardor account.

Is there a deadline to use REFs?

Yes, you have until the end of Season01 to use your REFs, but you can do it anytime until then. The sooner you use them, possibly more money you will earn, but it is up to you to do it now or wait to find users that you think will have more activity.




Decentralized Autonomous Organization for the creation of games and art services on blockchain.

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Decentralized Autonomous Organization for the creation of games and art services on blockchain.

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