Mythical Beings 2021: Year in Review

This year we launched the collection, after three years of work and betas. It has been seven months during which people from all over the world have joined us in this adventure of discovering the mythologies of remote peoples, learning fantastic stories and making good friends along the way. A great year for this community, which we break down in figures in this article.



NFT’s sales have escalated over time. During Season 01 (June to September), collectors bought cards at a rate of between 1,000 and 3,000 per week, with a steady pace throughout the four-month period.
Season 02 started with a lot of new features and an ambitious roadmap, which attracted a lot of attention and investment from collectors, who even managed to congest the Ardor blockchain twice and stress-test the Mythical Beings smart-contract. In the first week of Season 02, 36,000 NFT were sold, and thereafter the pace of sales consolidated to around 9,000 NFT per week.
It is true that the cards are cheap, compared to the general NFT market, at around $5 for a pack of 3 random cards, but even so… the sales figures are spectacular and there are few projects that can boast similar sales, judging by rankings such as


Most of the trading takes place on the #trading channel of the Discord server, where users trade card for card, in a system based on trust and reputation. However, in the wallet itself, repeated cards can be bought and sold in exchange for Ignis, using Ardor’s Decentralized Exchange. The use of this exchange is also quite intensive and there is great liquidity in all cards.
In the last month, for example, 293 cards have been exchanged on the DEX, for a value in USD of 1,622.


We can call “staking” the possession of Special Cards, that is, Tarasca and Groostlang, since they distribute dividends among their holders. Both have a supply of 250 copies, and are distributed in a lottery among the Jackpot participants (every 3.5 days).
The Tarasca copies were raffled during Season 01, and the Grootslang copies are currently nearing completion. The former distribute 10% of the income from card sales in the form of dividends, and the latter distributes 6k GEM every week, the native currency that the Mythical Beings P2E game will use.
Regarding the Tarasca, it has already executed 85 dividend distributions, distributing 719,853 ignis among its holders. Its market value has been climbing as the collection gained traction and users, going from 7–8k ignis in the middle of the year, to consistent sales of 55k ignis at the end of December.
Regarding Grootslang, its value will depend on the success of the upcoming P2E game and GEM’s role in it. So far it has distributed 27 rounds of dividends, currently about 17 GEM per card, and its market value is hovering around 15k ignis.

What now?

After the experience gained in this first year, we have big plans for 2022. We have made many of them public in our new roadmap. Take a look, and decide to participate in this great adventure!



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Mythical Beings

Mythical Beings is an NFT card collection game. Every card and creature is unique and has an ancient story. You can collect, buy, trade, and craft cards.