Morphing creatures: updating Mythical Beings

Step by step, our vision is making solid progress. In this update we are adding a new feature, Morphing, which also paves the way for the in-game economy, creating a first use and marketplace for ingame currency GEM. Want to know more? Read on.

Mythical Beings
4 min readNov 28, 2022

For unlucky streaks

Have you ever found that no matter how many packs you bought, you never got the cards you were missing to complete your collection? It doesn’t usually happen because chance dictates that the more packs you buy, the more evenly distributed the cards you get. But chance is capricious, and some collectors have accumulated a large number of repeated cards, without managing to complete the collection. Very frustrating!

In general, this problem is solved by exchanging with other users, either in the Marketplace, buying and selling, or directly in the #trading channel of our Discord, exchanging cards. Only in exceptional cases has it been insufficient because… everyone was looking for the same card!
In those cases, what to do?

Morphing, one card for another

The new feature is called “morphing” and consists of a kind of metamorphosis of creatures. Through it, a user can turn one card into another of the same rank: a common card into a common card, a rare card into a rare card, or an epic card into an epic card. Now, this magical operation is risky and energy-consuming.
The first thing you need to know is that to morph a card, you must make a GEM bonfire. This is the exact expression, because the GEM you use will be burned in the Ardor Burning account. And the rarer the card, the more fire it will need to morph. So, these are the costs:

  • A common card: 50 GEM
  • A rare card: 250 GEM
  • An epic card: 750 GEM

If you are determined to spend your precious GEM on this spell, you should be aware that Magic is not an exact science, and it can go wrong. You don’t get to choose which card you get in the process: it can be any card of the same rank… including the same card you turned in! So you run the risk of burning GEM and being left with the same card. It’s up to you!

As a small compensation, if the card you get is the same as the one you turned in, the spell will give you a small chance to get a second card of the same rank. It’s small, but if you’re lucky, you will have doubled your card.

And exactly what is the probability of getting a second card, if I got the same card in the morphing? Well, the chances are as follows:

  • Common: 100%. If you get the same card in the morphing of a common, then you will get a free card for sure.
  • Rare: 30%.
  • Epic: 15%.

So, I need GEM… how do I get them?

There are three ways to get GEM in Mythical Beings.

  • Participating in the Jackpot. Each time the Jackpot is distributed among users who complete the collection (and return it to participate), 9,000 GEM are distributed among the participants of that round.
  • By owning one of the following Special Cards: Groostlang, Marakihau, Sasquatch and Maruxaina. All of them distribute GEM as dividends to their holders every 3.5 days. In total, 6,000 GEM are distributed as dividends to the holders of these cards.
  • By buying them on the market from other users.

And here’s what’s new in the current update: the GEM market has been created, available to all users from the wallet itself. Whoever has accumulated a lot of GEMs can place orders to sell them, and whoever needs them for repeated morph cards can buy them immediately.

So, do we spend all our GEMs?

No, please don’t! Remember that GEM is the main ingame currency of Mythical Beings and will be used in all future developments. Especially, in the Battlegrounds game, as explained in these two posts (Game and Elyxir). So you might regret it if you burn in a big bonfire all the GEM you have accumulated so far…



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