HOW-TO use the Polygon Bridge

1- Things you need before you start.

A Polygon account. The easiest way is to use the Metamask plugin and choose the “Matic Network”. And log in to with this account.
An Ardor account. The easiest will be an account created in the Mythical Beings wallet.
Cards! In either of the two chains.

Maybe you’ll need to follow this guide to allow Metamask to reach the Matic Network.

Check your address in Polygon because you will need it to make the swaps. You can view and copy your address in both Metamask and OpenSea (Profile section).

2- Ignis to Polygon Swap.

If you have cards in your Mythical Beings wallet and wish to move them to OpenSea, follow this simple procedure.

Here you have a short video demonstration of the Ignis to Polygon swap:

1- Log in to your Mythical Beings wallet, and open the “Settings/Bridge” section in the top right corner.

2- Make sure you open the “Export to Opensea” tab.

3- Select the card and the amount you want to swap.

4- Open your OpenSea profile or your Metamask, and copy your Polygon address into the correct field of the Mythical Beings wallet.

5- Enter your password and click on “Submit”.
The swap will be done automatically, so in a few minutes the NFT will appear in your OpenSea profile.

At the moment you can only swap card by card, not in batches.

3- Polygon to Ignis Swap.

1- Go to the “Settings/Polygon Bridge” and open the “Import to Mythical Beings” tab.

2- Copy the “Ethereum Deposit Address” you see in the wallet. It is only for you because it is linked to your Ardor account.

3- Go to “OpenSea/Profile” and transfer as many cards as you want to this address.

4- Back to Mythical Beings website, again in “Settings/Polygon Bridge/Import to Mythical Beings”, click the “Initiate Swap” button. You can do it when you have already transferred all the cards, no need to do it each time you transfer a card.

Here you have a short video demonstration of the Polygon to Ignis swap:

D- Further Notes.

It is possible that the NFT will appear in the “Hidden” section, because it is a new collection on OpenSea. If so, simply select “Unhide” in the NFT.

When you Swap from Polygon to Ignis, you can transfer as many cards as you want before clicking the “Initiate Swap” button. But please do it in less than 4 hours, because otherwise the contract wouln’t read the transactions and your cards would be lost.

It can happen that one click on “Initiate Swap” is not enough to swap all cards. Please check in the Mythical Beings wallet you have received all the cards you have transferred from OpenSea. If someone is missing, just click again the “Initiate Swap” button, as many times as it is needed to complete the swap of all cards.

Please note that in order to use the cards in your new chain, you will need appropriate tokens.

To use cards on Ignis. If you have purchased cards on OpenSea and wish to use them on Ignis, either to sell them or to participate in the Jackpot, Crafting or the upcoming Play-To-Earn game, you will need a small amount of Ignis to pay the transaction fees. These fees are extremely cheap, but they are indispensable. You can get Ignis in the Mythical Beings wallet itself, thanks to the Changelly plugin.
To use cards on OpenSea. If you have bought cards in the Mythical Beings wallet and want to pass them to Polygon, to sell them on OpenSea, then you won’t need Matic (Polygon’s native token), because this platform subsidises transactions on this chain. You will be able to sell your cards directly.
To buy cards on OpenSea. Note that the currencies accepted for trading our cards are ETH, DAI and USDC. All of them are Polygon’s wraped tokens! So, if you want to buy cards directly on OpenSea, you will need ETH, DAI or USDC tokens from Polygon. For this you can use the Polygon Wallet service:




Decentralized Autonomous Organization for the creation of games and art services on blockchain.

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Decentralized Autonomous Organization for the creation of games and art services on blockchain.

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