Game Roles: Samir, the crafter

Samir: “Don’t bother me, buddy, can’t you see I’m in the forge?”

Samir makes cards like a good craftsman, to sell them in the market at a price that exceeds his manufacturing costs. He knows his trade in all aspects: he knows what the average price of the rare and epic cards is, which ones are scarcer at all times, and at what price he has to get the common or rare cards so that, after paying the crafting fees, make a profit by selling them at market price.

So while most collectors look down on common cards and are willing to sell them off for Ignis that allow them to buy more random packs, Samir is lurking in the market to stockpile as many common or rare cards as possible. For him, epic cards only serve the purpose of selling them on the market and thus realizing the benefits of his work.

“6 Popobawa for only 11 ignis each? That’s cheap raw material!”
Crafting 20 commons to get 4 rares
“And here it is! I’ve sold my creation for 150 ignis!”

Here we see a day at Samir’s work. He first he found a good deal on Popobawa in the market: they were offering 6 for 11 ignis each. Along with 4 others that he already had, he crafted 2 rare cards, which turned out to be the Trempulcahue and the Haechi. He put those two cards up for sale for 150 ignis, and before long he had already sold the first one. According to his accounts, the Trempulcahue had cost him:

-11x5 = 55 ignis, which he spent to acquire 5 common cards.

-50 ignis, which is the fee for crafting a rare card.

Total = 105 ignis.

So he made a profit of 45 ignis. Not bad, Samir!



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Mythical Beings

Mythical Beings is an NFT card collection game. Every card and creature is unique and has an ancient story. You can collect, buy, trade, and craft cards.