Game Roles: Mike, the passive winner

“Mike: “Discovering jewelry is my greatest joy … second only to weekly dividends.”

Mike has the soul of an angel investor. He searches the crypto market for the best start-up projects, still undervalued by the market, and bets on them. He first came across the Mythical Beings collection when he was researching the recent NFT craze, and he loved the product: consistent three-year development, outstanding artistic quality, and compelling storytelling. And it hadn’t been publicly released yet! So he decided that this collection has a good chance of breaking through the tangle of new NFT projects, and then he started looking for ways to bet on it.

He found that, unlike other NFT collections, a user can invest in Mythical Beings in other ways than by buying cards and hoping to sell them at a good price in the future: here are passive earnings. Understanding that the Tarasca Card will receive 10% of all card sales forever, and that there are only 250 copies of that card, he found what he was looking for: the perfect way to bet on the success of the collection. . These special cards can only be obtained in these first stages of Mythical Beings, completing the entire collection and claiming the Jackpot. During the Betas, the testers got a card with each Jackpot claim. Now, in Season 01, 4 TCs will be distributed weekly, among the winners of each cycle.

Tarasca Card has already made 24 weekly dividend payments

So Mike strives to claim the Jackpot as many times as possible, without worrying too much about the cost. He often uses the services of Samir or Natasha to get the missing cards to complete the collection, and thus he has come to collect a nice sum of TC that already provides him weekly dividends.

Also, Mike has seen some TC owners offer them on the DEX at a good price. According to him, the fair price of these cards should be much higher than the cost of simply completing the collection, since the dividends they will provide will be high. That depends of course on the future success of Mythical Beings, but Mike trusts his own judgment. So he has acquired even more TC in the market, becoming a whale of this token.

What is the real value of a TC? 10% of the sales will be distributed weekly among the holders of the 250 copies, so… it depends on the success of the collection.

In addition to this, by owning TC Mike has received rights of invitation, called REF. Season 01 will be invitation-only, so new users will have to be invited by early testers. And these early testers will receive 10% of everything that the people who have invited spend on Mythical Beings.

So Mike has registered on Discord, very attentive to the #invitations channel, and has offered his invitations on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. But he is very careful to spend them only on the users that he believes will be active participants. Maybe he even buys more REF in the market, because some early users have put ask orders for less ignis than 10% of what a regular user would spend in the collection. And he is looking for passive income!



Mythical Beings is an NFT card collection game. Every card and creature is unique and has an ancient story. You can collect, buy, trade, and craft cards.

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Mythical Beings

Mythical Beings is an NFT card collection game. Every card and creature is unique and has an ancient story. You can collect, buy, trade, and craft cards.