Game Roles: Maimuna, treasure hunter

Maimuna: “To hunt a good Jackpot you have to study cartography”

Finding valuable treasures is Maimuna’s passion. Follow the tracks, prepare the plans, mark routes, stalk the loot… and wait patiently for the signs that the best time to hunt it has arrived. And although her daily life does not allow her to go on large expeditions, she has found Mythical Beings a perfect occasion to practice her favorite hobby from home. In this collection, all of Maimuna’s attention is focused on the Jackpot, that chest that holds 50% of all card sales and crafting fees, and which is distributed in cycles of a few days, among users who agree to deliver a copy of each card as proof of having completed the collection.

It is true that with each claim of the Jackpot Maimuna has the option of being rewarded with a Tarasca Card, the value of which is normally higher than the part of the Jackpot that corresponds to it. But that depends on luck, because only 4 Tarasca Cards are distributed per week (there are 2 cycles each week, with 2 TC randomly distributed each), and Maimuna does not play dice. Her prey is a very juicy Jackpot, much higher than what she has invested in getting the cards that she will have to deliver.

The key to their work is to study in depth the mechanism of the Jackpot and the activity of the collection in each cycle, to determine if that cycle is suitable to make the claim, or if it is more advantageous to wait patiently for a more favorable cycle, where the Jackpot/claims ratio is higher.

The first thing she needs is to fully understand the Jackpot distribution mechanism, explained in this blog post. The averaging system applied by the smart-contract to the amount distributed in each cycle causes very interesting effects, especially in cycles with fewer claims, since the ratio, and therefore the reward received for each claim, can rise considerably.

There were not many players in week N, but the Jackpot dealt did not drop that much and each participant will win more

Second, Maimuna must monitor the game, to guess the level of activity in each cycle and, above all, to guess how many claims there are going to be. She of course is attentive to the data provided by the Mythical Beings wallet, but has also decided to monitor the smart-contract directly on the blockchain. She always knows how many claims ohters have already made, and she only makes hers in the last blocks of the cycle, when she can perfectly anticipate how much of the loot she will get.



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Mythical Beings

Mythical Beings is an NFT card collection game. Every card and creature is unique and has an ancient story. You can collect, buy, trade, and craft cards.