Elyxir: the alchemy of war

You have to be prepared for mythological battles. A whole science has been developed to find potions to boost the strength and stamina of your creatures, but the process is arduous and requires patience. In this post, we give you the rudiments of Elyxir, the alchemy of Mythical Beings.

Mythical Beings
2 min readFeb 4, 2022
Take away? Not so easy!

ELYXIR is a blockchain-based potion-making game set in the universe of the Mythical Beings card game. Collect ingredients, research recipes, and make potions. Master the art of running a potions store or explore the effects of potions on your Battlegrounds army to strengthen your creatures and win the battle.

Making potions in ELYXIR was never meant to be quick and easy. Potions can be a real advantage in battle and should be used wisely.

Of course you can always find an Alchemist to buy him/her a ready made potion and use it quickly in a very important battle. For sure there will be users that want to play this role in the Mythical Beings ecosystem, but if you want to buy, surely you’ll have to pay them for the costs and the time they have invested. It will be cheaper to create potions yourself, so continue reading.

Ingredients, Tools, Flasks, Recipes

To make potions you need certain ingredients, tools, flasks and recipes.

There are different types of ingredients (e.g. herbs, mushrooms, flowers, shards). Some of which can only be won in Battleground arenas, others can only be collected in booster packs or bought from other players on the market place. There will also be other apps or places outside the Mythical Beings universe, where certain ingredients can be collected.

Tools are required to make the potions and can only be picked up in the Mythical Beings Jackpot as a reward, similar to the special cards in each season.

Flasks are needed for filling the potions. The better quality and size the flasks are, the more creatures are affected by the potions effects.

Recipes need to be learned. When you come across a new recipe, you add it to your known recipes and you won’t need to learn it again. The recipes specify which ingredients and tools are needed to make a potion (incl. costs [GEM, IGNIS]). Of course, you cannot buy or sell knowledge, so you’ll need to get it with your own work.

Effects of potions have a direct impact on creatures in battle. Effects last only as long as the battle. Effects can be combined within a potion. Certain effects only affect creatures that can absorb those effects.

Marketplace is needed for trade. All items or ingredients needed for Elyxir (except Recipes) can be bought or sold on the decentralized market.



Mythical Beings

Mythical Beings is an NFT card collection game. Every card and creature is unique and has an ancient story. You can collect, buy, trade, and craft cards.