BATTLEGROUNDS: the Mythical Beings game

First revelations about the Play-To-Earn game in the NFT Mythical Beings collection. Details may change until the final version, including the name. The game is currently in closed beta with UI in development.

Mythical Beings


A world map, a couple of dice, tables of attributes and combinations, and some strange potions.

Battlegrounds is a turn-based game on the new Layer-2 of the Ardor blockchain platform where armies of 5 mythical beings fight for lands to obtain valuable rewards. The world map is divided into several Lands, and everyone of them has always a Master that is earning rewards for remain in that position. But it can be challenge anytime for any other user.

Anyone can send an army anytime to challenge the current master of the land, but he/she needs to pay a tribute (IGNIS) and a battle right (GEM). Also the army must contain a hero (an epic or special creature) that provides a bonus to all creatures in a battle, based on its medium (air, earth, water) or its domain (continent it comes from). Each land has its own characteristics, and there is no “perfect team” for all lands. Also, the art of the combination of beings into an army is where the players can make a difference in this game.

A battle begins when an attacking army consists of 5 creatures. Each rarity type has a different base strength. A common card has a base strength of 1, a rare of 2, an epic of 3, and a special of 4. Each creature has a different combination of medium and domain based on its cultural heritage. A common card is not always the weakest card. In combination with the right hero (and depending on the defending army) and/or the use of a potion, a common creature can even be as strong or stronger than an epic hero. This makes Battlegrounds a very strategic game that depends not only on luck, but also on the right use of combinations and probabilities (and timing).

The final strength of a creature is calculated based on its base strength and the applied bonus. After that, the battle begins with 1vs1 battles between the creatures of each army. The order of the 1vs1 battles is random. Each creature rolls a six-sided die, which is added as additional strength to that creature. The creature that wins the 1vs1 battle moves on to the next opposing creature until it loses.

Each army can be strengthened by special potions (ELYXIR addon), which can be used only once and can have special effects. See the next blog post to know more about Elyxir.

Example of a battle:

Creature A, strength 4 vs Creature B, strength 2. Creature A rolls a 2 and Creature B rolls a 3. Creature A’s final strength is 6, Creature B’s is 5. Creature A wins this 1vs1 and moves on to the next 1vs1.

The winner of a battle is the master of the land and receives the battle reward, but also rewards for holding the land as long as possible. The loser of the battle loses the battle cost [GEM, IGNIS] and a random card of his army to the winning army.

Dominating a land grants the defending army a special bonus for all creatures in the army that live on the same continent.



Mythical Beings

Mythical Beings is an NFT card collection game. Every card and creature is unique and has an ancient story. You can collect, buy, trade, and craft cards.