Are you a mythical seeker? Participate in the private test of the new wallet!

A Private Testing of the new Mythical Beings wallet will start in the coming days. New design, much more professional, but also many new features. All this should be tested and improved with the contributions of enthusiastic users about these wonderful creatures. We explain what Private Testing consists of and how to take part.

Mythical Beings
3 min readApr 4, 2023

What’s new

Testers will preview the new wallet, which will be used from the start of next season. New features include a completely new design that is more professional and artistic, with a more intuitive user experience.

On the other hand, we have introduced some new features that add value to NFT ownership and encourage the creation of a user community.

However, this test is still ongoing, and not all new features of S06 are integrated. There are still some very important new features missing, especially those related to the multichain layer and economic dynamics. This will wait until the next test, which is closer to S06 and, as you know, is scheduled for May.

Who can participate

To manage the feedback, we decided that this first test will have a maximum of 5 testers. To sign up, you can send us a DM on Twitter or our Discord channel. If we run out of space, don’t worry, there will be more tests soon!

What the test consists of

First and foremost, of course, the idea is to use the wallet and explore its functionality as much as possible, free of charge. In addition, each tester receives a test script with the operations to be performed and evaluated, so that no area of the wallet remains untested. To give you an idea, this template may take a few hours to complete if the tester knows Mythical Beings beforehand.

Is it real or a test net?

The test will be conducted on the main net, which means that the cards are real and also the IGNIS needed to buy them, pay the transfer fees, and so on. Everything will work as in a normal season.

Prizes for testers

Users need funds to participate in the private test. Before the start of the test, each tester receives:

- 1'500 Ignis
- 2'500 GEM

All cards received during the test will remain in the hands of the testers, who can use their own money and buy as many card packs as they want.
At the end of the test, when the script and general feedback have been submitted, the testers will receive 15 GIFTZ as a prize.

Duration and communication

The private test will start on Wednesday, April 5, and end on Tuesday, April 11. Communication between testers and the team will take place in a private Discord channel, #beta-testing.



Mythical Beings

Mythical Beings is an NFT card collection game. Every card and creature is unique and has an ancient story. You can collect, buy, trade, and craft cards.