As we have explained, each week when distributing the Jackpot the smart-contract calculates the total number of winners for that week and distributes half of their IGNIS balance among them. That is, each winner receives a reward according to the following formula:

The remaining half of the Balance remains in the smart-contract and constitutes the starting point for the Jackpot of the following week. But, of course, the 0.5 coefficient will also be applied to that week, so that in reality it will not be the remaining 0.5 that will be distributed in the following week, but only 0.25, plus half of the income for the week. Although it may seem complicated, in reality it is not that much.

Multiply 1x0.5x0.5x0.5x0.5…

It’s easy to understand if you think about it like that. Imagine that there is no income from card sales, only…

Hello Mythical Beings seekers! Season 01 of the collection begins on June 1 and will last until September 30. Thirty creatures from five continents are waiting to be discovered by the most intrepid adventurers in the NFT universe. Are you ready? In this post we explain the mechanics of the Jackpot and the distribution of Tarasca Cards during this first season.

As you already know, the total supply of cards is limited and unalterable for each card (although in each new season new creatures will appear to enrich the game), but the mechanics of the Jackpot and the distribution of the Tarasca Card will change.

Let’s talk about the Jackpot first. The collection time is divided into cycles. In this first season, each cycle lasts 3 and a half days, that is, we will have approximately two weekly cycles. Within each cycle, 50% of the ignis collected from the sale of cards and crafting fees is deposited in the smart-contract, and…

Maimuna: “To hunt a good Jackpot you have to study cartography”

Finding valuable treasures is Maimuna’s passion. Follow the tracks, prepare the plans, mark routes, stalk the loot… and wait patiently for the signs that the best time to hunt it has arrived. And although her daily life does not allow her to go on large expeditions, she has found Mythical Beings a perfect occasion to practice her favorite hobby from home. …

“Mike: “Discovering jewelry is my greatest joy … second only to weekly dividends.”

Mike has the soul of an angel investor. He searches the crypto market for the best start-up projects, still undervalued by the market, and bets on them. He first came across the Mythical Beings collection when he was researching the recent NFT craze, and he loved the product: consistent three-year development, outstanding artistic quality, and compelling storytelling. And it hadn’t been publicly released yet! …

Natasha: “If others are in a hurry, here I am to solve their problems … for a small fee!”

Natasha loves the collection, but most of all she has fun taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the decentralized user market. She, conscientiously, has studied the probabilities of obtaining each type of card, and she has verified that the market has not yet discovered the right price of each common, rare or epic creature. So she has decided to provide a service to the other players: she will provide liquidity (from cards and Ignis), in exchange for making a profit.

Samir: “Don’t bother me, buddy, can’t you see I’m in the forge?”

Samir makes cards like a good craftsman, to sell them in the market at a price that exceeds his manufacturing costs. He knows his trade in all aspects: he knows what the average price of the rare and epic cards is, which ones are scarcer at all times, and at what price he has to get the common or rare cards so that, after paying the crafting fees, make a profit by selling them at market price.

So while most collectors look down on common cards and are…

Ha-neul: “Each illustration of Ana opens a magic door for me to an unknown culture, which I had not even heard of many times. I love sharing them with my friends and family”

Ha-neul doesn’t know or care if a card is common, rare or epic, nor if its market value is high or low, and he has never claimed the Jackpot. He received his first pack as a gift from a friend who knew he loved good painting and traditional mythologies, and since she opened the pack and received her first three creatures, she has not been able to…

Haechi, by Ana Santiso (CC BY-NC 3.0).

By Ana Santiso.
Watercolor on paper.
12,5 cm x 13 cm.
Token ID:


HOW A REFERRAL SYSTEM WORKS IN THE BLOCKCHAIN. The first season of Mythical Creatures is about to begin. Only beta testers and a limited number of collectors who get an invite will have access to it. We are going to explain how this system is going to work.

Betatesters, you’ve earned it!

Participants in the Test Phase who have completed the collection and claimed the Jackpot, will have immediate access to Season 01, of course.

In addition, for each time you have completed the collection, that is, for each Tarasca Card you have won, you will have the right to invite 4 new users. Since there are a total of 250 Tarasca Cards, the total number of invitations available is 1000. These invitations work as “referrals”, since you will receive 10% of everything that the users you invite spend in card packs.

(NOTICE: there are 76 remaining TC…

Trempulcahue, by Ana Santiso (CC BY-NC 3.0).

By Ana Santiso.
Watercolor on paper.
12,5 cm x 13 cm.
Token ID:



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